Beds24 for WordPress

Our free WordPress plugin makes it easy to add booking technology to any WordPress site via shortcodes. It works with any theme and you will have full control over the look and feel.

All management of rates and bookings is conveniently done directly in the Beds24 control panel so you can take full advantage of all  of Beds24s functionalities.


Choice of Customizable Booking Widgets

Our widget designer allows you to design custom booking widgets which you can add to your WordPress site using  short codes. The widgets are linked to your booking page where guests can securely book. Check out the examples on our website.

You can embed easily embed the booking page via a short code.

Alternatively you can use the post-method for a deeper integration. This method requires deeper knowledge of WordPress including the setting up custom fields.

Mobile Friendly Booking page with full control over design, layout and content

The modular design of the booking form not only allows you you to choose which content you want to show but also control where your content is displayed.

  • Activate the modules you want to use and display them in the order you want.
  • Customise general designs like colors and fonts.
  • Embed seamlessly into your web site.
  • The responsive layout adapts automatically to the screen size.

Available Features include:

  • Property picture slider
  • Picture gallery for rentals and rooms
  • Over 30 languages
  • Multi-room booking
  • Individual room booking
  • Pricetable
  • Descriptive areas for text, logo, links
  • Monthly availability calendar
  • Multiple monthly availability calendars
  • Multiple offers or packages
  • Map

Choose from a range of preset layouts or roll your own